Highlight of the Day(Big Buddha)

Big Buddha at Ngong Ping

Like I said last night. We take advantage of our statutory holidays and we try to do as many activities as possible or go to far places that we can’t go on our regular rest days(coz we attend mass). We always plan these holidaus ahead of time so it won’t be wasted on that day deciding where we’re going. Last night we’ve been discussing where we could possibly go today and we ended up not deciding anything. So today came and we did’t have a definite plan. On the bus, we finally decided to go to Ngong Ping and visit the big Buddha. Big Buddha can be reached via boat, bus, and cable car. The bonding was fun, had lots of laughs and it was enjoyable for my sister and mother since they hate walking and hiking. The weather was also in our favor because it sunny but not hot and windy. All in all our experience there was awesome. fb_img_1476107813793


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