Highlight of the Day (A mother’s love)

My Mom took 2 rides just to give me this tiny piece of cake. A mother’s love

So I know that the day is still young and there are still a lot of amazing things that can happen but I’m sure this is the highlight of my day. As you all probably know, last Monday was my mom’s birthday (I posted to poems for her, check it out!) and my aunt gave her a cake. We already had lunch that day and I can’t go out from work anymore so I just told them to eat without me. Later that night my mom told me that they didn’t eat the cake cause they were too full at dinner. I told her that you and your employer can eat it for tea time and I forgot about it. this afternoon, my mom called me and told me that she’ll deliver the cake to me so I can have some share, I said no because she had to take 2 rides before she gets here and it’s it doesn’t matter if I don’t get my share. She then told me that she’s already on her way here and that I have to get it. Mother’s are angels with invisible halos. please love them.


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