You held me the first time and I was in awe.

Your tears were flowing out of relief and joy.

You cradled me in your chest never wanting to let me go.

You then promised to love and cherish me till I grow.

When we got old, you taught us everything we had to know.

Your methods were different, “crazy” I used to utter.

But years have passed and Oh! I realized that you are the best life coach everyone should have.

Your words have nipped at those times we had to wake up.

And it soothes when you see us cry.

You will fight for your life so you won’t see another tear flow from our eyes.

Our relationship is not seamless; it has its glitches.

But we still stick with each other, our hearts tied together.

Your touch is the same as it has always been,

Your embrace always feel the same as that moment after you have first touched my skin.

I am grateful for the life you have given us.

I thank you for the sacrifices just to see us smile.

I thank you for the anger for lessons were learned.

I thank you for the care on those times we were ill.

Life is not smooth-sailing but the ride with you is amazing.

I will never be as good as you, but let me try and love you as hard as I could.


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