You have My Heart and I have Yours

I feel cold but the weather’s fine.

My cheeks are burning, my inside’s a mush.

My legs are getting weak, I just managed to stay up just for a bit.

Then I was numb from neck down.

All I can feel is your lips exploring mine.

I wanted to protest so I put my hands on your chest trying to push you away.

But instead, you held my hand and placed it on your heart.

You then whispered, “Feel our hearts, it beat as one.”

You left my hands on your heart and hugged me tight.

Indeed, it was as if our hearts were one, beating at the same time.

I was then afraid that our hearts will stop beating once I let go.

We stopped kissing and I just stared at you.

I finally smiled and put my lips on yours.

Now, you have my heart and I have yours.


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