That moment when you’re walking on the street
Listening to a violin concerto.
The road serves as your dance floor.
Most in the crowd are either dancing with their phones,
laughing with their friends,
fumbling with their bags,
or just hurriedly waltzing to their destinations.
Yet here I am,
Slow dancing, feeling the music,
letting it flow in my entire body.

As I pirouette in that big dance floor people call road,
I bumped into this lonely looking rabbit.
Our eyes met, but it just danced away.
I tried to chase it,
tried to call it, but it never looked back.
I continued to stare at its back until I lost it in the crowd.

Suddenly, I came across this huge mirror.
I was stunned.
I was seeing the lonely rabbit,
Its huge pleading eyes.

It was I!

Lost in the crowd, trying to dance away my loneliness,
covering my tears with smiles and laugh,
Drowning myself to violin concertos.


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