Hong Kong from a Domestic Helper’s POV: Inna

(This happened just the other night)

As Inna opened the door she half expected that no one was in the living room since it’s already 9 in the evening and it’s a Sunday so tomorrow is a school day. She quietly went inside and she was welcomed with a mountain of dishes in the kitchen, she just gave a weak smile and walked towards her room. As she was opening her room she noticed a rubber spider on the floor which made her smile and thought of who could possibly tried to pull a prank on her. She  actually has an idea but she couldn’t be sure. She was thinking that maybe Elsa was just playing with it and forgot to keep her toys. She just picked up the
spider and put it in the kitchen counter. As she sat on her bed, she sent a message to her mom.
Inna: I think they are trying to prank me. hahahahha… Someone put a rubber spider in front of my door. Maybe they thought I’m afraid of spiders!
Mom: Really? hahahahah… Maybe Elsa placed it there. Is she still awake?
Inna: Oh no. I think she’s already sleeping.

Inna and her mom was still exchanging messages when Inna noticed a black thing near the door and when she looked closely she found out that it was another rubber spider!

So they really pulled a prank on me! hahaha…

Inna: Mom they really pulled a prank on me! I found another one in my room. hahahahaha
Mom: Oh really? They went inside your room?
Inna: I don’t think so, maybe they just opened it and threw it inside. Now I’m sure it’s Elsa!
Mom: hahaha they thought you’ll be afraid!
Inna: I know right. Anyway, I got to clean up the kitchen. It’s a mess! Try to talk to you later.

Inna just changed clothes and went out to clean up. While cleaning, Inna can’t take the smile off her face. It was really funny that they were trying to pull a prank on her and she’s sure that it’s 3 year-old Elsa’s idea. Maybe she thought that a spider would scare her. Little did she know that she used to collect spiders, put it in match boxes and then they’ll have it fight against each other. Just then her lady employer entered the kitchen she was grinning and asked Inna if she saw the spider in her door. She said that it was her daughter Elsa who put it there and she waited for her to arrive home but couldn’t wait up. She asked if Inna got scared and she said no, still she apologized. Inna said that it was ok, still can’t take the smile from her face.

“You look so happy.” her employer asked
“Oh it was because of the spider, it’s really funny.” Inna said laughing
“In that case I will give you a rubber spider as a gift.” Her employer said laughing.



















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