I seem to be lost for words, my mind is blank. Is it because I got so full at lunch? Or am I just really loosing it? I still have many pages to fill and a lot of pens to empty. Can’t black out now, I just started. Well my pen is giving up on me, but there’s still hope as long as the strokes my pen produces is still visible then I can still keep going. Let the words flow and soon all the pages will be filled and more will be needed. It’s just like life, sometimes people think they’re empty, worthless, nothing more to offer. Some become so hopeless and put an end to their pages even though only a few of it were filled. Others, although some pages are missing or torn; they continue. They fight for the words and the ink, they look for other words and they refill the ink. They even use colored pens to spice up their pages. When they are happy they use simple words, when they’re sad or angry they use profanity. But what do they do with the torn, scratched, of missing pages of their lives? Some when it’s torn or scratched, sews it together or tape it. Some even put decors so you wouldn’t notice the tear or scratch and it even looks pretty even if beneath it is a deep wound. The missing pages? Well that’s hard to replace they just live with it.

The pages of my life are mostly scratched but I’m creative that no one notices. It is so well hidden with different kinds of designs but mostly with a wide smile. Sometimes I hide it beneath my glasses so that whenever I smile or laugh, the pain in my eyes will not be seen together with the sadness that has no plans of leaving. Let’s just say that I am at the 250th page of my 1000-page life. It’s only a quarter and still a lot of pages to fill, I know that it won’t always be torn and scratched. I know that soon the pages of my life will have brighter colors and not as dim as I have today. I am looking forward to that and it’s what makes me go on with the every page that I write everyday.



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