Georgina’s paradise

(Most of the photos in my blog were taken from the internet. Credits to its owners)   

  Danny stared at his home of 65 years and it’s still the same. A lot has changed in the outside world but the house remained as how she wanted it to be. The one-acre land they own is located along the farmlands of London, he bought it from an old man whose wife just passed away and sold it to him for a fair price telling him that since he was a fan he gave him a huge discount. It is a big land and at that time he only used a quarter of it for his home and the remaining was just left barren. Now, her son and daughter turned it into a flower orchard; they supply flowers to big hotels and their business is still flourishing  since it started 5 years ago. As his mind continue to travel, his gaze caught his favorite spot and it always puts a smile on his face. It is the greenhouse;  it is located at the far right side of the house. One can see it from inside his home since it is surrounded by glass doors and panels. The greenhouse was created simply because when they just moved to the house and they didn’t have kids yet, they both wanted to have pets but couldn’t agree to what pet they wanted. He wanted a dog but his wife was terrified of them. She wanted a cat but he hates it. They compromised to get both and lock it into kennels but they soon realized that it will be cruel. So instead of having a cat and a dog, they both agreed to have rabbits as pets and built a big rabbit house so they can run around and it will feel free. At first they just grew grasses as it is what they eat but soon after her wife planted fruit bearing trees and flowering plants and it became a mini forest. Not only rabbits were breeding there but squirrels and some birds too thus having the name greenhouse. Over the years when they had kids they put benches and a swing and they both got what they wanted; dogs and cats all living in the greenhouse. It is where most of their fondest memories were created, their dreams were woven. His wife’s announcement that she was pregnant with their first child; how she glowed over the moon light when she told me that were expecting. Her laughter when I started crying because we waited 3 years before we were blessed with a child. Same goes with our second child. It was also where we sorted out our arguments and misunderstandings. Whenever they had a fight, she would go there to cool off and I would follow her bringing a mat. I would spread it on the grass and without saying a word we would both lie down and stare at the stars until someone speaks. Looking at it now still makes him smile and sad at the same time, maybe it will be that way from now on. It was their paradise. Georgina’s paradise…


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