No One

This is dedicated to the folks or with loved ones suffering from dementia and related diseases.

There he is lying on his bed, speaking intangible words, talking to no one.

His hands seem to be waving or trying to reach something from someone, but there is no one around.

At the middle of the night, you will be startled by his laughter, sometimes screaming,

enveloped with fear, pointing at no one.

At one point, he will call you and give you something, telling you to take a look but there is none.

His vigor, his vibrancy, his once sparkling eyes,

Slowly, day after day, loses its brightness.

This man, who once exudes confidence, fearless, suddenly becomes succumbed with fear and uncertainty.

Talk to him, smile, and be friendly, but then again you’ll just be given a blank stare or sometimes shoving as if you are nothing.

While lying there alone in his bed,

Life is replayed right before his eyes.

The words coming out of his mouth were conversations of his past.

His actions were interactions from years ago.

This gentle, kind-hearted man recreates the history he made himself in the confines of his bedroom, unaware, with no one.


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