(Can someone help me give a title to it? Thanks)

It was as if you cast a spell on my soul, an oblivion of hope come flushing down on me.

The mere thought of loosing from your grip kills me.

What more if you let go and don’t look back?

Maybe I’d die a thousand fold.

Just the nearness of your skin takes me to paradise.

The touch of your lips on mine brings heaven on earth.

This fleeting moment summarizes my entire life.

Pure joy.

Pure Love.

Suddenly, at the midst of my illusion, I woke up.

And saw what you really are

A deceptive monster who sucked the energy out of me.

You made me believe that everything was real.

I was blinded by the sweetness of your voice.

Deaf to the reality in front of me.

Now I’m stuck without a way out.

You tell me that you are my only hope.

That no one will love me the way you do.

Will someone ever pull me out of here?

Will I ever be set free?


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