Philippine Politics: A Scripted Reality TV

This morning I read a news headline about granting bail on Janet Napoles, the accused mastermind of the pork barrel scam. I was really pissed off to the point that I lost focus thinking how in the world did Sandiganbayan let that filthy, evil scammer get out of jail. My ill feeling reached social media and a doctor friend commented that if Napoles does get out of jail she will be assasinated and it would have been better in jail because there will be guards looking after her safety. Thinking about it, what he said was sensible… but would I really want her dead not knowing who among the people serving in the government should serve time in jail instead? Nah, I’d rather have her alive and telling us Filipino people who should join her to rot in jail. Upon further reading I found out that Sandiganbayan did grant her bail only for Representatives Valdez and Lanete cases but not on Senators Revilla, Estrada, and Enrile cases plus the reason she is serving life sentence for serious illegal detention of whistleblower Benhur Luy(courtesy of That was a relief!

With all these happening- the Napoles ongoing trial, the Kidapawan massacre and the national election coming up; what circus is the government doing? Will the next president be able to solve  atleast one of the country’s  major problems once he/ she is elected or is it just like the others who are only tell and no show? Philippine politics is like a scripted reality tv. You are watching as everything unfolds not anticipating what is about to happen but little did the viewers know, behind the camera they are instructed of what they should do, how they should act, who they should blame when something goes wrong and who to eliminate when the pawn doesn’t act according to their favor, and they can’t do anything about it. Why? Because they are the big fish who supposedly put them in power and they are of course collecting favors. It’s sad but true.

There are six aspiring candidates vying for the title of precidency(in a pageant-like host tone). Who among them is worthy of your vote? Will it be Binay? A self-procalaimed rags to riches who overconfidently brags that he made Makati rich during his reign in the city but nothing solid to brag about what he did during his vice presidential reign and even saying that vice presidents doesn’t have definite functions in the government.; or Mar who was present in the Yolanda super typhoon manning the relief operations but seems to fail on the continued rehabilitation program that is still not felt in Tacloban. There is also Poe who keeps on saying that she will continue what her father started, maybe she’ll also make movies? Then Santiago who is still witty as ever but seems to be off of her game since she is suffering from a very serious illness. And lastly, Duterte the hero of the moment who promises to eradicate crime in 3-6 months and stakes his presidency if he fails to do so once elected(with a hint of skepticism and an eyebrow raised). Of course they would all brag about their achievements and what they can do but seriously, who do think among these 5 candidates are worthy of serving the Filipino people? Can they really deliver? Are we really after change? Or it just seems to be a good idea? For all we know once anyone of these candidates gets elected and changes a government policy, the very same people who voted them will be the first one to complain. We are looking for change but we also have to change within  ourselves first. We are  not only spectators in this show but participants as well. Don’t be blinded by sweet talks or a play for sympathy. Study each one of them well. Don’t rely on their advertisements on tv or their comics. It will be another 6 six of suffering and regret or a start of the real change that we need. Let’s be wise.

For the next President, please I beg you. Help us have the Philippines Filipinos deserve not the Philippines you think you and your business partners own.




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