Remember the time when life was much more simpler, when we were satisfied to be outside and meet our friends face to face. When we were happy playing with paper boats, running outside chasing each other, letting the cool wind caress our cheeks, blowing our hair to mess, laughing like there was no tomorrow, making us feel free. Remember when we used to play house, little did we know that at that moment, while we were playing, we were planning what we wanted our future to be.

The time when we were happiest when it was raining, not because classes were suspended but because we can play in the rain. We would call our playmates and would sing and jump while the rain pours. And when it’s full moon, do you remember? When we would play hide and seek at our backyards and the moon was our only guide to find our sneaky friends.

Remember when we were always anticipating Sundays or any occasions held at our grandparents’ house? Not only did we get to see them, to feel their hugs, how their faces light up when they see us, but most especially we were excited to hear their stories. Their endless tales when they were young, their adventures and misadventures, their ghost stories, and most of all- their love stories.

When we were young, our joys lie on simple things. Have you observed that when an infant cries after given birth, the doctor would place the baby their mother’s chest and they would just stop crying? Do you know why? Because they’re at peace hearing their mother’s heartbeat knowing that they’re safe and that makes them happy. Most of us adults when asked when we were happiest answers- when they were young. Why? Maybe because at that time, a smile from our mother or father were enough to light our whole world, a hug was an enough present for our birthdays, the important thing was that they were complete.

Children of today are a different story. They have expectations. They are materialistic. They are becoming superficial. A lot of you won’t agree with me but let’s face it- it’s the truth, maybe not all children but most. Children of today wouldn’t settle for less, which in some ways is a good thing; however, should they be thinking about competition at a very young age? Then comes young girls being so vain that they wouldn’t go out if they are not dressed as their favorite princess or without makeup on. They are kids for crying out loud! They should care less if they’re wearing mismatched clothes as long as they can go out and play with their friends. Letting the sun tan their faces, allowing the mud to coat their hairs. Nowadays, you will see children slouched on the couch, holding a tablet, mobile phone, or laptops; faces serious and eyes squinting from long hours staring at the screen and they cannot be bothered. Ask them about the kid next door and they will just give you a blank stare and go back to their screens.

These observations are alarming, but does it concern most of us? How could we allow it to happen? Are we to blame? Is there something we can do?


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