So Long

(This is a poem I composed after my former employer passed. It’s almost a year now.)

The sky mourns with us, its tears flow to the streams, waters the plants, relieves the thirsty.

It gives hope, it gives a new life.

Let the rainfall remind us of his generosity.

The lightning amidst the darkest of the sky reminds us of how he brightened other’s life when they were at their lowest.

He strikes like the lightning, sudden but it leaves a mark.

Sometimes, his words may burn but it just ignites lessons to be learned, actions to be implemented.

The thunder roaring resembles to his laughter:; loud, full of life- a happy person indeed.

The powerful wind that makes waves is like his hugs, it move.

And as the sun shines, let it remind us of all the happy memories we spent with him.

I mourn but let it be on my own. Let me celebrate his life in silence, without tears falling from my eyes but with a heavy heart.

Goodbye Sir! Until we cross paths again!


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  1. Morgan Lee says:

    Hello he blog doesnt load properly when i try to load the pages using the web browser SEWERLUST 94 I suspect its a problem coming from either your theme or maybe your plugins


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